Tao Tao Powermax 150 -
Top of the line 150cc scooter by Bintelli, this model comes fully loaded with many upgraded features such as Duro Tires, Yuasa Battery, NGK Spark Plug, Gates Belt, Halogen Headlight, Stainless Steel exterior hardware, and a 2 year limited warranty.
A Strong scooter 10 hp and top speed of 60mph on the open road. Enlongated seat for a two passanger scooter, strong rear rack and 12" tiers.
This scooter was designed with hard working, busy individuals in mind. When you have somewhere to be and need a dependable ride, the V-150 got you covered. It also has a large sleek sporty style for comfort and easily fits two passengers.
Motobravo Roma
The Motobravo Roma motorcycle-scooter is fully automatic; no need to change gears. It comes with a convenient front storage compartment and LED turning signal lights, 13"tires with disc brake front and rear. Very stylish and definetly a head turner.


ON SALE $1400
From the Bintelli family comes the upgraded fury,its large body features 12 tires, aggressive styling, and enough seating to comfortably fit two riders