Dykon TCS
Dykon V50
A sporty scooter with elongated body that is perfect for more leg room. It also includes 12"rims which are better for bumpy road, a strong rear rack and dual headlights
The Dykon it's your basic scooter and a good choice if you are in a tight budget. It comes with alloy rims, 10" tires , a nice strong rack and trunk. Start saving gas money with a 100 mpg.
Wolf Islander
A classic look of the European scooters but without the overprice tag. The Islander is above average built with quality parts including a strong rear rack, chrome mirrors and more durable body panels.
ADLY Bullseye
This is the newest model of the ADLY line of scooters made in Taiwan. This is one of the highest quality 2-stroke scooter in the market today.


Tao Tao Racer
a very sleek design design of a motorbike, this scooter it's the newest model from Tao Tao to come to America in the scooter family. Great suspension, good stability, and many aftermarket parts available for tuning and create a real street racing bike.
ON SALE $1895
ON SALE $1050